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It's Time to Increase Demand

Wednesday, June 18, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Marc Abla, CAE, ICS Executive Director
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Chiropractic helps people live healthier lives… You know this, and I know this.  We have been telling each other this for years.  In fact, you have been telling your patients the same truth.  We have even been trying to tell the general public this through a variety of means, including the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and the Illinois Chiropractic Foundation.  Yet, according to CDC/NCHS, National Health Interview Survey, 2012, only 9.5% Illinoisans saw a practitioner for chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation in the past 12 months.


Only 9.5%.  I would imagine that number would drop significantly if the question asked instead if they were treated at least four times within the past 12 months.  Yet, I would wager that nearly everyone to whom you introduce yourself as a chiropractic physician reaches for their neck or their back.  Simply put, the public knows that we are best at muscular-skeletal conditions, yet they do not start at your office for those same conditions.


This is not acceptable. We must work together to find a successful method to change the perception from [chiropractor = muscular-skeletal] to [muscular-skeletal=chiropractor].  The difference is that the patient needs to be encouraged to begin with treatment for these conditions in our offices first… to take a “Natural First” approach.


Here is what we know: however noble the efforts have been - fighting the medical doctors, fighting insurance companies, and spending meager amounts advertising has made no significant change in the market penetration.  In fact, some may say that it is lower now than in the 80s.


As Dr. Julie Bird referred to in her address in this edition, the Illinois Chiropractic Society is addressing this problem head-on.  We have a specific plan to effect change by sitting down with the true decision makers and increasing demand.  We have incredibly compelling information designed for presentation to the benefit decision makers of companies, unions, cities, plan administrators, and other key decision makers. Although the information available clearly demonstrates how many of these decision makers have been taught erroneously, we need your help to establish meetings with them.


You have contacts in your community that make health insurance benefit decisions every day.  You see them in the coffee shops, at your Chamber meetings, at church, and at other community events you attend.  The Illinois Chiropractic Society would like you to help us arrange a meeting with these decision makers to briefly but clearly show them the financial efficacy of chiropractic.  Study after study convincingly demonstrates that, when patients present with muscular-skeletal complaints, chiropractic saves health plans significant amounts of money.


What do we need to be successful and reach our goal of 18% by the year 2018?  Here is the list:

  • Visit and fill out the decision maker contact form online,
  • Email the contacts that you believe can help us make a difference, or
  • Call the ICS office at 217-525-1200 and discuss how your community contacts can help your community.
Now is the time that we truly advance chiropractic in Illinois.  We can only do this together.

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